By Executive Director, Gary Rost

Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement

Georgia is now part of the CMS Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network (HEN).  26 HENs were selected representing 46 states.  The goal is to decrease hospital acquired conditions by 40% and reduce readmission by 20%.

Georgia Hospital Association will be working closely with a national content developer to provide tools and approaches to hospitals.  The improvement model is based on the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) model. Key will be patient safety leadership & culture of safety.

GHA will introduce the program at the Patient Safety Summit and the GHA Annual Trustees meeting in February and is now kicking off the learning collaborative.  The Care Transition Special Interest Group will be the Advisory Group for the Reducing Readmission learning collaborative.

GHA is recommending the use of the leader action guide and will be determining the interventions and agree upon the measurements.   The interventions will fall into one of the four broad categories: 1) enhanced care and support during transitions; 2) improved patient education and self-management support; 3) multidisciplinary team management; and 4) patient-centered care planning at the end of life.

SBG is proud member of the GHA Advisory Council and is a participant of the Care Transition group.