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SBG’s preferred pharmacy benefit manager is ProCare RX. ProCare Rx is a leading transparency and full disclosure pharmacy benefits manager and is fully URAC accredited. ProCare Rx has been selected to provide comprehensive pharmacy benefits for select members of the SBG Coalition. You may have already over at this forum heard of gold iphones being sold for silly money to anyone daft enough to buy them, but the caviar iphone 5s supremo putin’ takes things one step further by engraving russian premier vladimir putin’s bonce on the back of it.

With offices in Georgia, ProCare RX provides full service pharmacy benefits management to self-funded employer groups, health plans, unions, state programs and municipalities. Its full disclosure, full transparency, pass-through pricing model is unique in the PBM industry. If you are in the SBG service area and would like a cost analysis between your current PBM and our Envision contract please contact us.


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