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Prescription Drugs

With offices in Georgia, ProCare RX provides full service pharmacy benefits management to self-funded employer groups, health plans, unions, state programs and municipalities. Its full disclosure, full transparency, pass-through pricing model is unique in the PBM industry. If you are in the SBG service area and would like a cost analysis between your current PBM and our ProCare RX contract please contact us.

“Since implementation of self-funding, our health care costs have only increased 10% over the past 7 years. Partnering with SBG was a huge factor in our success.”

Pharmacy Directory

SBG’s preferred pharmacy benefit manager is ProCare RX. ProCare Rx is a leading transparency and full disclosure pharmacy benefits manager and is fully URAC accredited. ProCare Rx has been selected to provide comprehensive pharmacy benefits for select members of the SBG Coalition.

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“Upon review of our finances, we realized that sales would need to increase by $5 million every year, just to allow us to cover the projected increases in our health care costs.”



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