In today’s healthcare marketplace, employers, especially small business owners, are experiencing the burden of struggling to maintain quality benefits with the constant surge in high healthcare costs. Recent studies have revealed the burden will continue for business owners who are faced with searching out other alternatives to afford and provide healthcare. That’s when healthcare coalitions can help. 

It’s time to look at a new way of funding your health care benefits.

To come to the aid of these business owners, healthcare advocates have come up with one solution. One solution that has been identified is to create a healthcare coalition. A coalition acts on behalf of business owners to work with health plan providers, benefits administrators, purchasers, suppliers, and stakeholders in businesses and community organizations to ensure health care is accessible and affordable to everyone. Some coalitions have been formed by local chamber of commerce organizations, local, state and federal level non-profit organizations, and citizen advocacy groups.

Savannah Business Group (SBG) is a business coalition which provides their members access to cost effective and manageable health care services. These health care services will not only enhance the quality of health care, but will have a positive impact on business growth in Savannah, GA and neighboring coastal communities.


Experience in Healthcare Issues


There are many groups which got their jump-start in support of an issue or cause. However, business owners who wish to be more transparent with healthcare practices need to find a group with a primary focus on healthcare.


Change is Good


Business owners need a group or coalition on top of their “A” game. These experienced individuals can facilitate changes that will be beneficial to sustain business owners through the twists and turns of today’s healthcare marketplace.


Many Equals One


The premise behind a group or coalition is to gather these business owners with different interests for important reasons: to have one voice. A unified voice can make serious changes especially in the healthcare marketplace.

Here are the benefits of joining a coalition:

  • enhanced communication between businesses and communities about local, state and federal health care issues
  • opportunities to participate in educational programs to become more knowledgeable about current and proposed health care initiatives
  • networking capabilities to foster a team approach to making changes in the healthcare marketplace
  • access to cost-effective health care purchasing strategies to reduce the high level of insurance premiums

By joining a healthcare coalition, employers, especially small business owners, will have the ability to:

  • provide quality healthcare to their employees
  • have a strong understanding about the cost of providing healthcare to their employees
  • work with the coalition to create a healthcare plan that is tailored to meet the needs of the employees and their families
  • protect the healthcare interests of their employees and families
  • vested interest in demanding healthcare reform that benefits small business owners and their employees
  • eliminate spending on wasteful health insurance plans

Savannah Business Group (SBG) will work with business owners to provide healthcare options which will enhance the quality of life for their employees, reduce healthcare costs and improve the overall sustainability of a competitive and affordable healthcare plan.


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