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Exchange subsidy ruling

So what does the June 26th US Supreme Court ruling on the question of state versus federal exchange subsidies really mean to employers?

Employees who have employer sponsored health care benefits available are not eligible for subsidies. The employer mandate was never under review and still stands.

What I think will happen is those states that are running exchanges have now received confirmation that subsidies will continue in the federal exchange and will dump their state exchanges. There are only 14 of them. Why should a state finance an exchange when the federal government will do it. The plan designs are federally mandated, the premiums will not change, subsidies are available, and there will be no budget requirements. A huge win for states.

What states will be first? I think Hawaii, Vermont, Minnesota, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon will lead the way if not already in talks with HHS. (That is seven of the 14.)

It’s time to look at a new way of funding your health care benefits.